Reunion Island

  • Presentation
  • Geography
    Introduction Reunion Island is located in the Indian Ocean, benefiting of a tropical weather. It is at 800 km eastern Madagascar, part of the Mascareign Island archipelago alongside Mauritius (...)
  • Vegetation
    The island counts numerous endemic species varying according to the height and the climate: we sometimes observe tropical forest or dry savannah, sometimes sugar cane or fruit tree plantations. (...)
  • Climate
    Reunion Island tropical climate is marked by the influence of the trade winds. The latter can differ according to the places and the relief. The average temperature is 20°c on the coats, and 14°c (...)
  • Population
    Reunion island, with its 732 570 inhabitants (result of the 2001 census) and a density of 292.2 inhabitant/km2 is the most populated of the French overseas departments. The publication of the (...)
  • History
    First discovered at the beginning of the 16th century by the Portuguese Pedro MASCARENHAS, in 1638 the “Saint-Alexis” ship captain come to the island and take possession of it on behalf of the (...)
  • Institution
    Reunion Island, French department is placed under the authority of a prefect named by the government. The Island, French department since the law of the 19th 1946 has a regional council as well (...)


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