la Filière à la Réunion

2006 : Effet des traitements post-récolte sur la qualité aromatique

The Reunion island is looking for agricultural productions of diversification. One of them could be the specific coffee of Reunion called "Bourbon pointu". This coffee is the object of an experimental program begun in 2002 and financed by European union, the “Region Reunion” and Cirad. The program aim is to evaluate the interest to develop “Bourbon pointu” coffee and to study the viability of this production. This study investigates the influence of the fermentation conditions of post-harvest treatments on the aromatic profile of “Bourbon pointu” coffee.



The statistical analysis of the chemical classes discriminates the three type of post-harvest treatments. il is based on different quantitative contents rather than on a qualitative difference in composition. The conditions of treatments 3 seem to be more adapted to the development of coffee flavour "Bourbon pointu". However, these results have to be confronted to the results of the sensory analysis to determine if these highe concentrations are also connected to a better apprciation.


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