Bourbon Pointu

B Result of the experimental program

The major results of the experimental phase are:

  • Selection of four Bourbon Pointu lines combining high productivity and quality performances allowing the commercial classification of the product among the speciality coffee.
  • The identification of the performing “terroirs”. The follow-up of a network of 107 coffee fields in different zones of the island allowed studying the effect of the principal climatic situations on the productivity and the sense characteristic of the coffee product. The agronomic, technological and sense results allow drawing the map of the favourable ‘terroirs” for the production of high value coffee. These favourable “terroirs” correspond with the ancient soils of the Piton des Neiges in the towns of Saint-Paul, Trois Bassins, Saint-Leu, Saint-Louis, the Tampon and the altitude level varying according to the towns mentioned.
  • The identification of performing technical itinerary for the creation and the conduct of the coffee fields. Tree species adapted for the protection of the fields against the winds and living covers for the protection of the soils are known and according to the climatic zone and the type of soil. The comparative trials of fertilization allow according to the type of soil and the climate zone proposing a program of fertilization and doses of fertilizers combining productivity and quality in the cup.
  • The identification of the product treatment process ensuring a full expression of the qualitative characteristics of the original “terroirs”. Two processes are known, on the one hand an adapted process to winter time and on the other hand a process adapted to summer time conditions.

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