Bourbon Pointu

Development of the coffee industry: planning program 2008-2013

The experimental program on the Bourbon Pointu elaborated by the CIRAD with the support of CFE-Reunion through the period from 2002 to 2007 with a financing from the Region as well as Europe showed the interest to develop a coffee industry in Reunion Island. This activity will be profitable only if a quality product strategy is adopted, as only a commercialisation of premium coffee type on niche markets will ensure an economic development regarding the production cost.

The selling realised in Japan as well as in Scotland in 2007 allows a certified selling price ensuring a turnover for the producer between 23 000 euros and 33 000 euros by hectare according to the variations of the yields by commercial categories.

However these prices only concern product without defaults in cup and with typical sense characteristics similar to the lots sold out in 2007. The experimentations showed that these product characteristics are possible only in the specific “terroirs” (soil and weather combination), with specific agriculture techniques and for cherries of coffee harvested at the right ripeness and treated according to the post harvesting process adapted to the product as well as the climatic season (winter – summer). Then the product obtained must be transformed (deparched, graded, sorted out according to their weight and colour) to make sure they constitute homogeneous lots before being tasted in order to classify them in commercial lots.

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