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Reunion Island, French department is placed under the authority of a prefect named by the government. The Island, French department since the law of the 19th 1946 has a regional council as well as a general council. All the national texts are applicable in their framework.

Only certain adaptations are foreseen by the law. Reunion Island counts 24 towns and 47 cantons. It is represented by five deputies and three senators in the parliament and one advisor in the social and economic council. The prefecture is located in Saint-Denis and three secondary prefectures are in Saint-Pierre, in Saint-Paul and in Saint-Benoît.

As a French overseas department Reunion Island is part of the European Union, in which it constitutes a remote European Region; as so it benefits of “specific measures” which adapt the community law taking into consideration the characteristics and particular constraints of such regions.

Main resources :

  • Agriculture (sugar cane, vanilla, perfume plants…)
  • Fishing
  • Tourism

Unemployment rate BIT 2001: 32.4 % postal code: 974
GNP 2000: 12 060$/inhab Administrative town Saint-Denis
Languages: French (official language),Creole
Administrative organization: 24 towns, 47 cantons
Secondary administrative towns : Saint-Benoît, Saint-Paul, Saint-Pierre
Time zone GMT+4

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