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Many people drink coffee everyday, young persons as well as seniors, but as for many other things we like in our daily life we sometimes wonder if these are good for our health

Daily doses of caffeine acceptable

Caffeine is a natural compound present in coffee. According to experts of the Food Directorate of Health Canada, moderate consumption of coffee (up to 400 mg of caffeine per day) would not result in adverse effects and would not present a danger significant for human health *. The doses presented in the table are doses acceptable for different types of people. We must consider all sources of caffeine during the day: coffee, cola, chocolate and beverages energizing.

Acceptable daily doses

Type of population acceptable dose of caffeine


400 mg

Pregnant-lactating Less than 300 mg
Children 4-6 years 

45 mg

Children 7-9 years

62.5 mg

Children 10-12 years 

85 mg

Source of caffeine

coffee filter

76 mg/cup 100 ml 

coffee percolator 

50 mg/cup 100 ml

Instant coffee  30 to 45 mg/cup 100 ml

soft drink cola 

25 to 58 mg/box 250 ml


12 to 22 mg / cup 100 ml

cooking chocolate 

25 to 58 mg/ 28 g

chocolat milk 

7 mg/ 28 g

dark chocolate 

19 mg/ 28 g

hype 8 energy drink 

58 mg/ box 250 ml


92 mg/ box 250 ml

raw extreme 

193 mg/ box 250 ml

thermo change 

202 mg/ box 250 ml

You will find summaries of recent effects of coffee on health sites:

2.http: //www 
  3.  4.


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