Research Program

Project 1: supporting the creation of a coffee industry

The previous researches allowed selecting the performing Bourbon pointu lines both qualitatively and quantitatively, identifying the favourable “terroirs” and finding out the technical itineraries from the production to the transformation for a premium coffee production.

The new program aims at developing the technical and organisational means for a good mastering of the development of the high value coffee industry by:

1.1 a support to the organization and mastering of quality
The quality of the harvested coffee cannot be determined before the post-harvest treatment, the roasting and the cupping by a jury of experts, what brings an interval of several months between the harvest and the payment of the producer when this latter is done on the base of the quality of the product. Therefore it is important to develop tools enabling the early evaluation of the optimal ripeness and the quality of the beans thanks to biochemical markers.

1.2 Research of biochemical descriptors of an optimal ripeness of the cherries

1.3 Definition of the biochemical constituents of the green coffee in the aromas development
The outstanding results already obtained arouse lot of covetousness; therefore it is important from the beginning of the industry to engage a protection procedure of the product by:

1.4 An official signalization of identification of quality

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