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Project 4: genetic differences implicated in the Bourbon pointu quality

The goal is analysing the Laurina mutation impacts, specific to the Bourbon pointu which differentiates itself from the mother Bourbon variety, from a molecular point of view. The biosynthesis of the caffeine as well as the chlorigenic acids, which potencies are strongly correlated in the coffee trees, allow differentiating the Bourbon variety from its mutant, the Bourbon Pointu will therefore be particularly studied. The action comprises the obtaining of subtractive gene banks, the search for implicated genes (through the biosynthesis), their sequencing and the quantification of their expression in both the Bourbon variety and the Bourbon Pointu beans.

4.1 Identifying the implicated genes in the difference of expression in both varieties beans.

4.2 Comparison between the expression in the leaves and in both varieties beans.

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