Bourbon Pointu

The industry protagonists

The end of the experimental program in December 2007 and the creation in November of the same year of the Bourbon Pointu cooperative by members of CAFE –Reunion, provided to the future coffee industry with the status compatible with a product selling activity which an agricultural activity must have.

Although the network of the experimental program included 87 producers in every zones of the department for an area of 13 hectares of coffee fields, only 30 coffee producers member of the experiment had their field located in the right “terroir” favourable to the coffee Premium for an area of 3 hectares.

A call for application in March 2008 in the Medias will allow censing the coffee grower applicants who have lands in the most performing “terroirs” (soil and weather conditions). However 49 prospective applicants have already been registered since the beginning of 2008.

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